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Ayodhya Ram Mandir – World knows what this means for Indians and Indian Government!

There has been a wide debate over the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, which the Hindu groups claim to be the place of Lord Rama’s centuries-old temple.

The debate on this matter dates back to 1992, the year communal riots took place across India in #RamJanmabhoomi. Since then, the case has been with the Supreme Court of India!

After several intense political and public debates, the apex court has now finally decided to wrap up the hearing of the case this week. SC’s hearing will decide on what to do with the site!

On the other side, Hindu groups form their argument on the basis of the 2003 Archaeological survey that spoke about the existence of Hindu temple at the site where the 16th-century mosque was built.

Now, this is a gripping moment for Indians as SC’s decision, positive or negative, would directly impact Narendra Modi’s promise of building Ram Mandir at the site.


Despite many heated discussions in the past, the issue is now highly significant as ‘Modi’s campaign for second term PM’ had ‘Ram Mandir’ among key promises.

Varied Opinions: Archaeology Findings and Others

According to an archaeologist, the survey finding is now taking a center stage among other submissions made over the issue.

The archaeological survey lists about the findings of a large single wall along with the western edge and around 50 small pillar bases across the center, predating the Mosque.

Based on these evidences, the survey concluded on chances of the temple existence at the site.

However, there are also independent researches against the survey findings, who argue ‘ASI could be operating with a preconceived notion’.

“Not like in Europe or the US, where people have a much better knowledge of what archaeology can tell us and what it can’t”. One argument being made [in court] is that it is a social science and there is room for interpretation, whereas the other view is claiming that archaeology is a hard science and it is completely accurate. So, there is clearly a problem,” says Dr Supriya Varma, a professor at JNU Delhi.

“We have to face reality. Even if the court rules in favor of the Muslims, will it be possible to build a mosque [at Ayodhya]? Seeing the surcharged atmosphere in the country, that is a dream that cannot be fulfilled,” says General Zameer Uddin Shah, the former deputy chief of army staff.

Three Parties Involved; Final Decision by Nov 17th

Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Final Hearing This Week, Is this Final?

The issue is basically a land dispute between three different parties: State Sunni Waqf Board on behalf of the mosque, a group of Ram-worshipping ascetics voicing for a Hindu temple at the site and a team of lawyers representing the main deity (Lord Rama) himself.

Under Indian Law, a deity has the right to sue or be sued!

 “Confident about the arguments and look forward to the much-awaited verdict from the court,” says the Waqf Board’s Spokesperson.

The apex court has set October 17, 2019 as the deadline to complete the hearing process, post which, the final decision is expected by November 17, 2019. Justice Ranjana Gogoi, presiding over the issue, will retire from his post the same day.

Now, the ball is in the Supreme Court!

Stay tuned for more interesting news updates about India!

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