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The top executives of many businesses across the world are deeply disappointed at the global economic growth scenario.

According to the renowned research firm PwC, there is a record level of pessimism in CEOs over the global economy against the similar levels of optimism among them in 2018.

It says that more than 50% of CEOs globally feel that the GDP rate will decline.

In its survey, the firm concluded that only 27% of CEOs are confident about their revenue growth prospects in 2020.

Revenue Growth 2020

The survey that studied around 1,600 CEOs in 83 territories had 53 percent indicating a decline (up sharply from 29 per cent last year) and 22 percent expecting improvement (down from 42 percent).

Whereas, a similar survey in 2018 had a record high of 57 percent CEOs expecting improvement in the global GDP growth.

With regard to countries, China was the only major economy that CEOs were confident about for progress in 2020.

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Posted by IndianEra, 21/01/2020