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The Covid-19 lockdown period taught many Indians that many hotel-like tasty food recipes are easily possible at home.

With the rise in the home consumption of FMCG products, grocery bills in India are touching new highs compared to the pre-lockdown period.

As the sources report, these bills have almost doubled in March 2020 during the initial days of lockdown.

They are following the upward trend and are now touching peaks often due to the growing preference for home-made foods.

Devendra Chawla, CEO of Spencer

According to Devendra Chawla, CEO of Spencer’s Retail and Nature’s Basket, the grocery bill size in India is almost 1.5 times the size during the pre-COVID period.

To avoid the number of visits to stores and to be in line with the time restrictions, customers have opted bigger packs at a time.

Spencer’s Retail and Nature’s Basket

Prem Kumar, CEO of Snapbizz, analyzed spending patterns in more than a million kirana stores.

It confirms that the mean basket price was Rs. 650 in the first week of March, which moved to Rs. 1,000 in April and is currently at Rs. 900 now.

Products bought in big packs included biscuits, noodles, pulses, grains, and more food items, besides anti-septics and handwashes.

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Posted by IndianEra, 21/05/2020