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The COVID-19 scenario is worsening in India, with the nation reporting a rapid rise in positive cases and local-level transmission.

Within no time, the COVID-19 positive cases toll touched 3 lakh mark and is currently at 332,823, and 9,522 people died.

Moreover, the country saw its new biggest single-day number of more than 12,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, for the second consecutive day.

Over 1.7 lakh people have recovered, while there are 1.5 lakh active cases.

Maharashtra touched the 1 lakh mark, while cases are rising rapidly in Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

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Now, India is fourth globally for COVID-19 cases, after the US, Brazil, and Russia.

The sparsely populated UT, Ladakh has reported a dramatic rise in cases over the weekend.

With 198 new cases on June 13 and 112 on June 14, the region reported a total of 400 cases over the weekend, taking the overall number to 549.

COVID-19 Rise in China Again

COVID-19 China

China reported 75 fresh round of COVID-19 cases linked to a single wholesale food market in the capital city.

With this, Beijing announced a lockdown of 10 more neighborhoods and called for the massive testing and tracing program.

The situation was under control after the first wave of infections, until the fresh batch of cases last week.

As the health officials say, the nation reported 49 new

COVID-19 cases on June 15, 2020, including 36 more from the cluster linked to the Beijing Xinfadi market.

On this account, various cities’ authorities have asked people not to travel to Beijing.

The outbreak has also triggered serious concerns over the entire Beijing food chain.

A total of 177 cases have been reported recently in China in this month, the highest number since May 2020.

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Posted by IndianEra, 15/06/2020