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Counting on the continuous rise in single-day hikes, India’s

COVID-19 tally finally crossed the ‘1 million’ mark on July 16, 2020, and deaths reached 25,622.

Now, the total count is 1,005,849, with some states holding the major share of infections.

Overall, 10 states are holding for 85 percent of the overall active cases in the country.

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Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu alone account for accounting for 48 percent share.

“The actual caseload of COVID-19 patients in the country is only 343,110. They contribute a little more than one-third (34%) of total cases detected so far. The actual caseload of COVID-19 has remained limited and manageable in the country,” the Health Ministry said in a statement yesterday.

The Health Ministry is hopeful about the scenario, in saying that the recovery rate is now at 63.25 percent and fatality rate at 2.6 percent and declining further.

“Less than 2% of the COVID-19 patients are admitted in ICUs,” says the Health Minister Harsh Vardhan.

As the reports say, deaths per million population in India are among the lowest in the world, to date.

Lalit Kant, a scientist and former ICMR head of epidemiology, says the low fatality rate is mostly due to ramped testing and telemedicine.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

Experts from the medical department suggest the government should also focus more on non-medical interventions and use data solutions to control the pandemic.

Vikas Bajpai, Assistant Professor, Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health at JNU, says neglecting the non-medical intervention and its impact on COVID-19 is not even in agenda.

“Exclusive reliance on medical measures can provide a false sense of assurance,” Bajpai adds.

Besides, there is a big hope on two indigenous vaccines under clinical stages and getting ready for human trains this month.

More than 1,000 volunteers are likely to be enrolled to this program.

Besides, the health infrastructure is also being ramped up, with 1,381 dedicated hospitals, 3,100 healthcare centers, and 10,367 COVID-19 care centers. Together, there are 46,666 ICU beds.

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Posted by IndianEra, 17/07/2020