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With the Covid-19 pandemic still causing havoc across the country, India observed new cases of 80,092 on one day this Sunday.

This development makes India the first country to cross the 80,000-mark in just one single day. 

After a dip, the growth rate in new cases and the number of deaths doubled compared to the previous week.

The growth rate of new infections and death toll shot to an all-time high in the last week of August after a considerable decline in the previous weeks of the month. 


Since 76,000 new cases have been registered daily for five days in a row, this week’s growth rate stood at 13.1%, which makes it three times last week’s 47.7% growth.

 Also, this week’s growth rate in fatalities stands at 3.9%, which is double than the 1.7% recorded last week. On this Sunday, 970 deaths were recorded with India’s total fatalities market at the 65,000-mark.

This Sunday’s fresh cases were attributed to Maharashtra holding the second highest peak at 16,408 infections and five other states: UP crossing the 6000-mark, Rajasthan with 1450 new cases, Madhya Pradesh with 1558 new cases, Chhattishgarh at 1471 new cases and Jammu & Kashmir at 786 new cases.

Covid-19 Cases in India

Covid Cases Source: Covid19india


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Posted by IndianEra, 31/08/2020
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