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With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to create havoc, India has reported nearly 1000 new deaths daily due to Covid-19 for the last three weeks.

On Sunday, 1138, new Covid-19 cases were reported making the total tally reach up to 80,000 in the last six months.

Maharashtra continues to develop a maximum number of Covid-19 deaths in India, with 416 deaths on Sunday. The total tally reached up to 29 531 cases in Maharashtra itself.

Despite the growing cases, India’s case fatality rate (CFR), which is an indicator of the number of deaths compared with cases diagnosed, has been low.


It currently stands at 1.64%, which makes it the lowest in the world i.e, global CFR, which is at 3.18%.

As per a senior health ministry official, the aim is to bring India’s CFR down to 1% as most deaths are primarily from 10 states and have tight containment measures. The Centre has emphasized that the districts reporting high CFR’s should amp up their approach to testing, surveillance, containment, hospital, treatment methods, etc.

Despite the measures being taken by the Centre and state governments, the total numbers of new cases are moving closer to 100,000 daily.

With 93.214 new cases across India on Sunday, the Covid-19 positive tally crossed 5 million with Maharashtra at 1,060,308.

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Posted by IndianEra, 15/09/2020
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