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Coronavirus pandemic has caused severe disruption in mental health services in the maximum number of countries worldwide.

As per the WHO survey, this report shows that the first batch of data points at the terrible impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on receiving access to mental health services and the requirement for budgets and funds.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has led to mass unemployment and caused isolation, fear, and grief, it has led to numerous mental health conditions.

The virus itself can cause complex neurological issues and mental conditions, which also lead to delirium and strokes.

Those who have pre-existing mental conditions or substance disorders are also susceptible to Covid-19 infection and hold a higher risk of developing health complications and death.


Conducted from June to August 2020, this survey was done across WHO’s in six regions and gave an accurate picture of how mental services have been affected and the measures being taken to overcome it:

  • 60% disruption in mental health services were reported for vulnerable people that includes children and adolescents (72%), older people (70%) and woman who need postnatal services
  • 67% disruption observed in disruption services related to counseling and therapy while 65% attributed to critical harm reduction services
  • 35% people reported disruptions for emergency interventions, which include those for people that experience prolonged seizures, substance use withdrawal syndrome
  • 30 % noted disruption in access to medications for mental, substance, and neurological disorders

Three-quarters reported partial disruptions concerning school and workplace mental health services

WHO has also mentioned guidelines on how to run essential services that include mental health services during the pandemic and recommend that countries also dedicate resources for fighting mental health.

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Posted by IndianEra, 05/10/2020
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