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The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019 created ripples, triggered wide protests, touched emotions and sensitive aspect of religion, and more!

The world has been closely watching this scenario across India since the Bill received its nod in both Houses of the Parliament.

The international community has been making their arguments on the issue. While some remained silent, some pointed out the government calling that ‘anti-democracy’.

Within the nation, students across the country and general public voiced their concerns against the Bill.

Northeast states felt the intensity than others, with even transport, communication and more basic infrastructure there facing severe shutdown.

After watching this, finally the Home Minister Amit Shah took the stage to give some clarification on this widely-debated matter.

Here are some key excerpts from Home Minister Amit Shah’s statements in a media program:

1) From the Past

In 1950, Nehru and Liaquat Khan decided that they will protect their respective minorities. Today, there are 3% Hindus in Pakistan. Where did they go? Either they’ve been forcibly converted or they took refuge here. Congress let them feel isolated for the last 70 years. Narendra Modi is finally giving them respect.

2) On Opposition Congress’ Remarks

We aren’t doing this for any election. No elections around the corner. Congress didn’t deal with the country’s problems. This is Modi’s government- not here to run the government, but to resolve the country’s problems. We aren’t here to do politics. We could’ve relaxed for five years. If I was doing politics, I’d have done this [CAA] in 2023. Congress brought the NRC and now we are communal. How is Congress questioning us on law formulated by them? Was the law formed to put in a showcase?

3) On Jamia Violence

Don’t you think that the police should take action? Police have to take action because that is their duty and the right thing for them to do.

4) On Claims of Protests Across Varsities

There are 224 universities in the country. If you factor in private universities, the numbers reach around 300. Of these, protests were held in only 22 universities. Of these 22 universities, in four universities (including Jamia Millia Islamia University and the Aligarh Muslim University) the protests were more serious. In the remaining universities, the protests were normal and attended by students with strength varying from 10, 20, 30 to 10, 200 and 300.

5) To Protesting Students

Students haven’t read the CAA properly. I appeal to them to do so. If they have issues, they can bring them forth to the government. As people understand the Act better, the protests will gradually die down.

6) On CAB and NRC Execution

First, we will pass the Citizenship Amendment bill and ensure that all the refugees from the neighboring nations get the Indian citizenship. After that NRC will be made and we will detect and deport every infiltrator from our motherland.

7) On NRC Implementation

Is there any country in the world where there is no register of its citizens, can anyone go to the US and just be their citizen? No Indian citizen needs to worry at all, no one will be thrown out.

8) On Illegal Migrants and Intruders

It is important for everyone to understand that intruders or illegal migrants do not only eat away resources and opportunities meant for Hindus but also Muslims. Not even a single person of a minority who is an Indian citizen will be harmed in the NRC, but not even one intruder will be spared.

9) To All Indian Citizens

No Indian will be sent out of the country. I want to tell the minorities that special facility will be made for them and also other people (for the NRC). But I also want to ask should we keep our borders open for illegal immigrants? Bonafide Indian citizens should have no fear.

10) Assurance To Minorities

We will make special provisions to ensure that no Indian citizen from minority communities is victimized in the NRC process. But we can’t leave the borders open as well. Countries are not run like that.

11) To The Indian Muslim Community

Indian Muslim brothers and sisters, I want to assure you that the Act will not affect you. The Act does not take away anyone’s citizenship, it only gives citizenship. Let us worry about how we will find out who is lying and not lying about being Hindu and being persecuted among the migrants.

12) On Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Nothing can be achieved by announcing such issues in the open. When the appropriate time comes, the government will decide on it. You will know when our government takes over PoK and officially integrates it as our territory.

Besides these, the Home Minister also made a mention about the economic slowdown stating, “This [GDP at 4.5 per cent] is a temporary issue and a result of a global slowdown.” He added the government is already taking necessary and timely measures to address the situation.

Home Minister Amit Shah

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