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With the pandemic still causing havoc across the country, there have been relaxations and bans lifted pertaining to various sectors.

In such a scenario, the Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has given the go-ahead to resume film and TV shooting across the country.

He has released an elaborate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which is to be followed for any TV or film shooting.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar

Based on international standards, the SOP has been developed on the consultation of Home and Health ministry.

After a six month ban on film and TV shoots, the go-ahead comes across as a welcome move and offers respite to the entertainment industry.

With the TV & Film industry supporting and employing millions of people, the unemployment from four-five months has caused havoc to the employees and production activity will initiate the flow of income again

What does the SOP entail?

As per the SOP, the shooting unit needs to put on face masks while in public or workplaces. Along with this, thermal screening at the entry point, maintenance of physical distancing at six feet, seating arrangement with sufficient gaps, and crowd management are some of the SOP’s highlights.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Contact minimization – Highlight of the SOP

With ‘Contact minimization’ being the core principle in the SOP, the idea is to ensure minimum physical contact, reduced sharing of props, and supply PPEs for makeup artists and hairstylists.

The audience, the general public, and visitors are not allowed on the sets, and fixed entry and exit points have been maintained on the shoot locations. It is also mandatory to adequately sanitize the vanity vans, washrooms, and makeup rooms and sets.

The ministry aims to establish a safe and risk-free environment for the cast and crew members through the SOP.

SOP for resuming work in the media production industry:

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Work in the Media Production Industry

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Work in the Media Production Industry 2

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Work in the Media Production Industry 3

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Posted by IndianEra, 24/08/2020
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