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It’s clearly evident that the coronavirus outbreak in India has reached the next stage transmitting at the community level. 

At the deeper level, we have been witnessing the sudden spread of virus even to remote areas of the country since a week period. 

Movement of attendees from the Tablighi Jamaat has added to the intensity of the situation in the country. 

As the data as of April 02, 2020, around 65 percent of the new 500 coronavirus positive cases in India are linked to Tablighi Jamaat meet in Nizamuddin. 

Around 295 delegates who attended the religious gathering were tested positive to coronavirus. 

With a sudden rise in community-level transmission, overall COVID-19 positive cases in the country have crossed the 2000 mark to reach 2500 with 141 from Delhi, 88 in Maharashtra and 75 in Tamil Nadu, among other states. 

The Health Ministry has so far confirmed 2,069 positive cases and 54 deaths. 

Surprisingly, the spread through Jamaat attendees has a crucial role in overall numbers. 

Jamaat Attendees

In Delhi, 129 out of the total 141 cases are linked to the Jamaat meet. 

South Indian States including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka together reported 143 Covid-19 positive cases transmitted through Tablighi meet attendees or their contacts. 

In Tamil Nadu64 out of 65 cases were linked to Tablibagh attendees or people who got in touch with them. 

Meanwhile, Telangana reported 26 out of 27 cases linked to the Jamaat meet. While Karnataka has 11 out of 14 cases linked to them. 

UP, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh are other states reporting cases linked to the Jamaat meet, as of April 02, 2020. 

SurprisinglyAndhra Pradesh reported a three-fold rise in number of positive cases in the last two days with total tally touching 143. 

According to the state nodal officer, the state authorities have found 91 positive cases out of the 758 Delhi returnees they have tested. 

Telangana has seen a rise in cases to 154 as of the latest reports. 

Covid-19 Cases Update India

Meanwhile, Assam has 500 delegates to the Jamaat gathering. “We have been successful in establishing contact with 488 of them and have so far collected 361 samples,” Assam health officials said in a statement. 

What’s pathetic is the virus has even infected more than 50 medical professionals across the country, who weren’t involved in COVID-19 management. This has created worries among medical staff demanding more protective equipment. 

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Posted by IndianEra, 03/04/2020