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We are witnessing the never-seen situation in India due to the COVID-19 outbreak panic.

As the new report’s estimate, the situation might worsen further at the peak level in May 2020.

While the number of COVID-19 positives have crossed 17,500 mark so far, a new report by Times Network says the pandemic might touch its peak during the ‘early to mid’ May 2020.

The COVID-19 numbers in India during that period may likely touch 30,000 in a ‘best case scenario’ and up to 2.86 lakh at the ‘worst-case scenario’, says the Times Fact India Outbreak report.

At that peak time, 30 percent of the affected people might require intensive care support, the report adds.

The report made on the percentage-based, time-series and Susceptible Exposed Infected Recovered (SEIR) model says the COVID-19 pandemic in India might continue until the end of August 2020.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India

The study considered the Health Ministry data including government bulletin reports and daily updates, and other central government data.

“The current pandemic disruption is probably the most significant event of our lifetime with major socio-economic implications. As India’s significant influencer and opinion maker, we at Times Network believe in taking onus and proactively responding with timely and high-quality information that assists in arresting the adversity,” says MK Anand, MD and CEO of Times Network.

This study was made after 50-day-long close monitoring of COVID-19 situation in top-8 states and 3 hotspots, along with other country-wide data.

COVID-19 ‘Lockdown’ Continues

Hence the study recommends strict lockdown and containment measures for a substantial period.

The researcher’s term India’s approach to COVID-19 has been backed by strong political commitment and proactive engagement.

“The study is an example of how, with the help of data, technology and sophisticated analytical algorithms, we can analyze a ‘black swan’,” says Dhrubabrata Ghosh Dastidar, Director, Data, Digital Transformation, Protiviti India, the study partner.

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Posted by IndianEra, 20/04/2020