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After 23 EU MPs, now another delegation of ambassadors from other 15-20 countries is going to visit the J&K region later this week.

In line with the earlier visit in 2019, the officials will brief the new set of ambassadors about security situation in the region.

As the sources say, these ambassadors from different nations have requested the Government of India on Kashmir visit with an aim to get the first-hand information of the situation in the region post the Article 370 revocation.

The list includes envoys from Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. While the confirmation on inclusion of envoys from US, UK, France and Russia is awaited.

India Approached all P5 Nations

After the Article 370 revocation, India approached all P5 nations and world capitals to explain its stand on J&K reorganization. But Pakistan had responded otherwise and raised offense against New Delhi at the international level.

So, the latest decision is being seen as India’s diplomatic move to give clarity to the international community on Pakistan’s propaganda about the J&K situation.

Earlier on August 05, 2019, a Delhi-based thinktank took 23 EU MPs to the J&K region assisting them in assessing the situation there.

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Posted by IndianEra, 08/01/2020