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India and China engaged in a new border fight, which is termed as the ‘deadliest’ one since 1967.

It seems the rounds of negotiations the two nations held since the first week of June 2020 did not work well.

The Chinese forces reportedly killed 20 Indian troops in the Galwan Valley on June 15-16, 2020, says the Indian Army.

Other reports also inform about 43 casualties among Chinese troops.

The two sides haven’t come to a fair deal even after more than 20 negotiations so far.

India and China

Earlier on May 5 and May 9, 2020, more than 100 soldiers from either side engaged in border fights and there were also a couple of fights in the recent weeks.

Now, three Indian soldiers died in a face-off yesterday. However, the number seems to be low in the current case, with the Indian Army updating the number as 20, hours later.

While the exact reason is still unclear, the two sides have their point in speaking about the incident.

“India is very clear that all its activities are always within the Indian side. We expect the same of the Chinese side,” says the Indian Foreign Ministry.

Whereas, the Chinese military says that Indian troops crossed the disputed border and launched proactive attacks.

“There’s every likelihood that this could get worse. There’s no easy off-ramp,” says Sumit Ganguly, an Indian foreign policy expert at the Indiana University Bloomington.

Another expert at MIT, Vipin Narang, explains the best and worst-case scenarios as a result of this incident.

India and China Border

While the best case would be using this incident to resolve border issues once for all, the worst-case scenario is the nationalists pushing for further escalation.

“Once the bullets start flying, it’s unclear how it’s going to go,” Vipin adds.

Whatever the current situation is being seen as the most severe one than the decades-long border dispute involving bitter rivalry for power in Asia.

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Posted by IndianEra, 17/06/2020