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Despite the hard-hitting Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian Government is confident about the country’s economic recovery.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this in a statement on June 06, 2020.

Addressing the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) annual session, PM Modi said the government is taking necessary reforms to revive the economic growth while being tough to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Making a strong pitch for ‘Atma-Nirbhar Bharat’, the Prime Minister called for ‘Made In India’ products, which will also reduce import dependence.

“On the one hand we have to save the lives of our people and on the other hand, we have to stabilize and speed up the economy. Yes, we will get our growth back,” says the Prime Minister.

He expressed high confidence in farmers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in achieving this goal of economic revival.

Modi explained further that the country has moved forward with the first phase of unlock. “Unlock has reopened a large part of the economy,” he added.

PM’s Address to India

The Prime Minister emphasized investment, infrastructure and innovation as crucial to the growth revival process.

Summarized, the PM’s address to India Inc. is as follows:

  • Take steps to fight Covid-19 and also take care of the economy
  • Confident about getting back on growth with the support of industry leaders
  • Intent, inclusion, investment, infrastructure and innovation as key to economic growth revival
  • Building a better ecosystem for private enterprises
  • Taking systematic, planned, integrated, inter-connected and futuristic process
  • Of the Rs. 200 crore purchases made by the government, global tenders have been removed to encourage small-scale industries
  • The world is looking for reliable partners, and India should catch that opportunity
  • Current situation is the ‘rise of opportunity’ for industry leaders to emerge as the ‘champions of indigenous inspiration’
  • ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for the World’ products to cut down import costs
  • Reforms in different sectors backed by the detailed study

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Posted by IndianEra, 02/06/2020