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PM Modi will be launching and inaugurating a five-day global summit on AI today.

Responsible AI for Social Empowerment (RAISE) 2020 is a venture organized by the government in collaboration with industry and academia.

Aimed at transformation of the health, academic and agricultural sector, RAISE has been set up in collaboration with other countries US, UK, Canada, France, New Zealand and Germany for the development of AI.

AI Summit

RAISE 2020 covers the following:

  • PM Modi will be delivering the keynote/welcome address along with IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, NITI Aaayog’s CEO Amitabh Kant, Managing Director Mukesh Ambani, and IBM CEO Arvind Krishna
  • RAISE 2020 is conducted for brainstorming, creating a path-breaking course to leveraging AI for enabling social empowerment, inclusion and diversity in the areas of healthcare, smart mobility and education
  • This summit is also a platform for global participation from academia, key decision makers, academia and government bodies
  • Through the platform the summit, the endeavor is to initiate the discussion on AI in public infrastructure, leverage AI for social empowerment and general well-being and transformation of society
  • 38,700 participants from academia, research and government from 125 countries have been registered for the summit
  • It is predicted that the summit would fetch UDS 957 billion to Indian economy by 2035
  • This summit will bring forward topics such as data, AI-enable financial services, Atmanirbhar Bharat AI start-up, the role of data and government in AI and agricultural supply chain


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Posted by IndianEra, 05/10/2020
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