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In another move checking immigration frauds, the US Government caught 90 more students who have reportedly enrolled to a fake US university.

The US Government itself has established this fake varsity to check the fraudulent immigrants entering into the country.

The Department of Homeland security has reportedly lured students to get enrolled to the closed University of Farmington in Detroit metropolitan area.

With the latest figure, the number of such students arrested by the US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has crossed 250.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Earlier, the department had arrested 161 students in March 2019 and the university had 600 students, mostly Indians, when it was shut.

According to the department spokesperson, 80% of these 250 students have departed the US under voluntary departure, while half of the remaining have received final orders.

Surprisingly, the students knew that was a fake university at the time of enrolment, as the classes were already stopped by then. They have come to the US legally on a valid visa issued by the US Embassy in India.

ICE issued criminal chargesheet against eight recruiters.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren termed the department’s move as cruel saying, “These students simply dreamed of getting the high-quality higher education America can offer. ICE deceived and entrapped them, just to deport them.”

The fake university has reportedly charged USD 2500 per quarter for graduate program and he average cost was identified as USD 1000.

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Posted by IndianEra, 28/11/2019