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While the whole country is observing the lockdown, medical professionals and some government departments are risking their lives for public. 

Around 50 medical professionals have been tested COVID-19 positive across the nation, as of April 02, 2020. 

The Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) has extended its support to the safety of medical professionals. 

The organization developed a bio-suit with a special sealant as a replacement to seam sealing tape. 

This special feature was developed on the basis of sealant used in submarine systems. 

According to DRDO, special sealant is the need of the hour in the absence of sealing tapes from the respective industry. 

“The current production capacity is 7,000 suits per day. Another vendor is being brought in with experience in garment technology and efforts are on to ramp up the capacity to 15,000 suits per day,” DRDO said in a statement. 

With regard to the effectiveness of biosuits, DRDO informed that the suits have been made with the industry support and tested rigorously for protection against textile parameters and synthetic blood. 

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India

The protection against synthetic blood is beyond the minimum criteria that the Ministry of Health has set for suits. 

Hope the DRDO initiative will safeguard the medical staff and other staff working on the field to support the COVID-19 testing process across the country. 

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Posted by IndianEra, 04/04/2020