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While the whole world is worried about Coronavirus, Europe is facing the severity of it with rapidly-rising COVID-19 death toll.

As the latest reports show, three European states, Italy, Spain and France, have recorded the highest one-day tolls as on March 16, 2020.

With shocking 368 deaths in a ‘single day’, Italy’s coronavirus death toll reached 1,809.

Italy Hospital

While Spain recorded 97 deaths making a total of 288 casualties, France saw 29 deaths that took the overall number to 120.

UK also reported a single-day record with 14 new deaths that took its overall COVID-19 death cases to 35.

All the European governments have issued high alert, tightened public movement within and across borders.

European Governments High Alert

Germany is due to impose border sanctions with France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg, while Portugal is expected to do so with Spain.

Austria has also announced restrictions on gathering of more than 5 people in a group, effective from today.

With such emergency situation, WHO announced Europe as the ‘epicenter’ of the coronavirus that originated in China.

Switzerland reported 800 corona positive cases taking the overall number to 2,200 in just 34 hours.

South Africa has called for restriction of its borders to nations reporting COVID-19 outbreak. The country is now working on internal transmission and has already declared the ‘national state of disaster’.

US Government Banned Entries

Faced with 68 COVID deaths and more than 3,000 infections across 12 states, the US Government banned entries from 26 EU states and is adding UK and Ireland to the list starting today.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

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Posted by IndianEra, 16/03/2020