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The buzz around former Team India captain MS Dhoni’s retirement has once again hit the social media on May 27, 2020.

#DhoneRetires was trending on Twitter yesterday until his wife Sakshi intervened in the matter.

Answering the tweets, Sakshi said there is no fact in Dhoni’s retirement.

However, she deleted the tweet after it went viral!

“It’s only rumors! I understand Lockdown has made people mentally unstable! #DhoniRetires Get a life,” Sakshi Dhoni tweeted.

But her tweet brought a shift in the discussion, as #DhoniNeverRetires started floating up in Twitter downsizing #DhoneRetires.

Twitter Sakshi Singh

“Sakshi Singh Dhoni Mam finishes off in her husband’s style. Absolutely magnificent shot. #DhoniNeverRetires @SaakshiSRawat,” said a Dhoni fan against the tweet #DhoniRetires.

Another fan tweeted #DhoniNeverTires, expressing her love for the former Team India captain.

Earlier in a tweet, Harbhajan Singh had indicated about Dhoni’s retirement, where he said, “As far as I know him, he won’t want to wear India blue jersey again. IPL he will play but for India, I think he had decided World Cup (2019) was his last.”


Dhoni didn’t rise to power after India’s semi-final loss to New Zealand in the World Cup 2019.

He was supposed to play in the 13th edition of IPL for Chennai Super Kings. However, the series was canceled due to coronavirus pandemic.

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Posted by IndianEra, 28/05/2020