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As Greg John Barclay becomes the new Chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) aspires for a promising future ahead.

The BCCI always felt that the previous dispensation didn’t value what India contributes to world cricket. With Barclay taking over as the new Chairman of the ICC, the BCCI is looking at a fresh start.

Responding to a question on how he works to rebuild and strengthen the bond between the ICC and the BCCI, Greg Barclay said that the BCCI is an integral part of the cricketing family and a hugely contributing member.

“The fact of the matter is that India is a massively important part of world cricket and a hugely contributing member of the ICC. From time to time, like all families, we have general squabbles, but I think India recognizes its importance to not just the ICC but to world cricket. Certainly, ICC needs Indian cricket,” said Barclay.

Greg John Barclay becomes the new Chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC)

“So, we just need to navigate our way through any differences that might be there from time to time. But by and large, India was made a full member in 1926, the same year as New Zealand was. So, we both have been around as cricketing nations for close to 100 years, and we can all assume that we are important contributing members of the organization,” he added.

Greg John Barclay has been appointed as the new Chairman of the International Cricket Council after he successfully defeated interim chairman Imran Khwaja to succeed India’s Shashank Manohar.

Barclay has been a Director of New Zealand Cricket (NZC) since 2012 and is currently NZC’s representative on the board of ICC. He will resign from his position at NZC to lead the ICC.

In recent times, the BCCI has been concerned about how the ICC has looked to increase the frequency of bilateral cricket and ICC events. But the new ICC Chairman Barclay is clear that there will be a balance between bilateral cricket and ICC events.

International Cricket Council (ICC)

“I see bilateral cricket and world events as being very complimentary and needs each other. Bilateral cricket is the lifeline of cricket. Each country must have both the ability and the obligation to play bilateral cricket. Countries will only get better and continue to be competitive if they can play against other countries. Better countries have an obligation to help those who perhaps don’t have the experience or exposure,” said Barclay.

He added that bilateral cricket is fundamentally crucial to individual countries as it brings fan engagements, domestic pathways, high-performance programs, and aspirational arrangements around cricketers.

“The ICC events are without a doubt a showcase of cricket, and I think ICC runs very good at events, and all countries do get an opportunity to enter the events. From the ICC’s point of view as well as showcasing events, they obviously generate a reasonable amount of most country’s income. So, there is a careful complementary balancing act that is needed. I am a fan of ensuring ICC events continue to be world-class as they are and maintaining the abilities of all countries to continue to play bilateral cricket,” said Barclay.

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Posted by IndianEra, 30/11/2020
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