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According to Royal Phillips recent report ‘15-Country Future Health Index (FHI) 2019′, India is leading in the adoption of digital health technology, wherein 76 percent of health care professionals are already using digital health records (DHRs) in their practice.

As per the report, India meets the 15-country average in terms of usage of artificial intelligence (46 percent) in the provision of healthcare.

Speaking at the launch of Philips 15-country Future Health Index (FHI) 2019 report, Philips Healthcare – Indian Subcontinent President Rohit Sathe said that the comprehensive report confirms that digital health technology plays an important role in delivering value-based care across India’s healthcare sector.

Tools such as telehealth and adaptive intelligence solutions have immense potential to improve hospital-patient interactions, resulting in increased access to healthcare and patient satisfaction, especially in tier-II and III cities in India.

Sathe is hopeful that this report’s insights will help key health stakeholders in India create and develop sustainable health systems in the country.

Digital Health Technology Adoption

Philips 15-country Future Health Index (FHI) 2019 Report Findings

  • 80 percent healthcare professionals in India have shared patient information electronically within their health facility equal to the number of healthcare professionals sharing patient information across the 15-country average
  • Indian healthcare providing individuals are less worried that AI will hinder human interaction. Only one in five link AI with less interaction compared to one in three persons who live within the 15-country average

Digital Technology Improves Healthcare Professionals Services

  • Indian healthcare professionals who use DHRs provide quality health care (90 percent), experience healthcare provision satisfaction (89 percent) and achieve positive patient outcomes (70 percent), when compared to the 15-country average of 69, 64 and 59 percent under the mentioned healthcare provision parameters.
  • 64 percent healthcare individuals reported that patients having access to their own health data in the form of test results, prescriptions and scans had a positive healthcare reception experience
  • The report states that two-thirds Indians feel comfortable or neutral, seeking advice from doctors through a health application on their phone, indicating higher prospects of adopting telehealth and its benefits
  • On the other hand, 49 percent still say that they have no knowledge about the benefits of digital health technology or mobile health apps

The report was compiled after Philips conducted a research on 15 countries including India and is based on the assessment of healthcare provision and patient’s healthcare experiences and outcomes.

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Posted by IndianEra, 08/10/2019