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The intense debate on Article 370 is reaching its peaks with every passing day.

Since India clarified its stand on the issue, Pakistan has been raising the issue at every possible platform seeking intervention of international leaders.

Continuing such efforts, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan once again urged the international community, this time on the lines of UNGA session.

In his address to the press at UNGA, Khan warned of the possibility of ‘nuclear war’ in Kashmir if the situation remains unaddressed.

Citing the highly-tightened security situation in Kashmir currently, with even mobile and other means of communication stopped, Khan predicts a heavy backlash in the region upon lifting those measures.

Pointing to more than 9 lakh Indian security forces currently in Kashmir, Khan said, “They’ll come out on the streets. What happens then? I fear there will be a massacre and things will start to go out of control.”

“My main reason for coming here was to meet world leaders at the UN and speak about this. We are heading for a potential disaster of proportions that no one here realizes. It is the only time since the Cuban crisis that two nuclear-armed countries are coming face to face. We did come to face to face in February,” he told the media.

Khan expressed fear about uncontrolled escalation in the region, while side affirming his commitment to secure Pak territory.

““I have tried my best. What options do we have? What do we do? Do we just wait for this nightmare scenario to unfold and hope that nothing happens,” he questioned.

President Trump

President Trump asked me and also Prince Mohammed bin Salman asked me to speak to the Iranians, and we are trying our best that this should not develop into a conflict,” he added.

“I hope the UN does something that helps Kashmir otherwise generations of our sacrifices will be ruined,” says Mohammad Ramzan, a Pulwama resident.

Will have to wait and watch how the issue unfolds!

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Posted by IndianEra, 27/09/2019