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The United States is one country that is suffering the most from the Coronavirus with highest number of cases, globally.

As per the latest reports, the country has reported around 7.9 lakh positive cases and 42,512 deaths due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Amid this concerning trend, President Donald Trump has come with a fresh immigration update.

In a tweet, Trump announced that they are suspending the immigration to US temporarily in the wake of coronavirus epidemic.

However, the White House did not give any further update on what immigration programs will be suspended under the new decision.

In the wake of this scenario, the State Department has stopped all visa processing operations.

Trump has reportedly reiterated that travel restrictions from EU and China has contributed to the slowdown of virus spread in US.

Donald Trump

Now in the wake of rising cases, he is likely to extend those restrictions further.

The country has also discussed with Canada and Mexico over extending border restrictions further for non-essential travel, at least till the mid of May 2020.

Meanwhile, New York is reportedly gearing up for the country’s most aggressive antibody testing in this week and other states are likely easing public-related restrictions in lines of economic recovery.

Negotiations are also underway to offer an additional USD 300 million aid to struggling small businesses.

In the last four weeks, more than 20 million Americans have raised jobless concerns.

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Posted by IndianEra, 21/04/2020