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Taking the India-China border clashes to another level, the United States said it supports India.

A senior US diplomat Alice G Wells has reportedly called China’s moves as non-rhetorical, purely proactive, and disturbing.

Alice is also the outgoing chief of the South and Central Asia Bureau in the US State Department.

Ambassador Alice G Wells

“Whether it’s on the South China Sea or whether it’s along the border with India, we continue to see provocations and disturbing behavior by China that raises questions about how China seeks to use its growing power,” Alice said in a statement.

She also pointed at China’s in the South China sea, calling that ‘aggressive behavior’.

She further discussed the US diplomatic relationships with India, Japan, Australia, and others through ASEAN and other diplomatic groups.

In this regard, she informed that the discussions are underway about revisiting the principles of the post-World War II economic order that favored free and open trade.

“What we want to see is an international system that provides benefit to everyone and not a system in which there is a suzerainty to China. I think in this instance, the border disputes are a reminder of the threat posed by China,” Alice stated.

India and China Border

According to the New Delhi officials, India and China beefed up their military forces around the Pangong Tso lake and Galwan Valley in Ladakh, after the recent face-off.

Demchok and Daulat Beg Oldie are other regions with additional forces deployed.

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Posted by IndianEra, 21/05/2020