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Now! It’s odd-even time in New Delhi!

Amid the growing air pollution concerns that reportedly reached ‘hazardous’ levels, the Delhi Government has announced measures to control the situation.

Kejriwal-led Delhi Government has officially announced the implementation of Odd-even scheme, starting 8 AM today.

The Chief Minister has urged the citizens to use carpooling to control the deteriorating air quality in the city.

Encouraging the practice among citizens, Kejriwal and his ministers opted for carpooling services on their way to office.

With the pollution levels reaching unbearable limits, around 37 flights have been diverted to and from the New Delhi International Airport.

Pollution indexes show the pollution levels in Delhi at ‘hazardous’ levels! In a tweet, the CM himself said the pollution levels are ‘unbearable’ in North India.

School Children in the City

Schools in the area are set to remain closed till tomorrow and the authorities began distributing 5 million masks to school children in the city.

It’s surprising that Indian cities are the top-10 cities in the world rankings for most polluted cities in 2018.

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Posted by IndianEra, 04/11/2019