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Is another big day awaiting for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)?

Yes, says the exit polls tracking the assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana on October 21, 2019.

The sources predict a big win for NDA and are confident about BJP’s return in both the states, which will be ‘first time’ for the party in its history.

In Maharashtra, the ‘Mahayuti Alliance’ comprising of BJP, Shiv Sena and other small parties contested with the ‘Maha-agadhi Alliance of Congress and NCP.

Assembly Elections Results in Maharashtra

Whereas in Haryana, the fight was between BJP and Congress & JJP for 90 assembly seats.

According to the Election Commission, voter turn-out in the two states was measured at 67.97% in Haryana and 55.33% in Maharashtra.

Bypolls were also held across 51 assembly seats and 2 Lok Sabha constituencies across 18 states.

What Exit Polls Say?

What Exit Polls Say

The exit polls were majorly banking on the Center’s decision on J&K special status.

As per exit polls, the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance in Maharashtra is expected to attain a 3/4th majority in the range of 166-244 seats, easily crossing the 145-seat mark.

Sena is also expected to see a rise in its numbers because of Aditya Thackeray’s entry and subsequent encouragement to the party members.

The entry of Maratha leaders might have added to the strength of the Mahayuti Alliance, say the analysts.

The poll of polls gave 212 for BJP, 63 for Congress and 13 for Others in Maharashtra, while that was 73 for BJP, 10 for Congress and 7 for Others in Haryana.

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019 – Exit Polls

Name BJP Congress Others
Times Now 230 48 10
India Today-Axis 166-194 72-90 22-34
News18-IPSOS 244 39 5
ABP-C-Voter 210 63 15
NewsX-Polstrat 188-200 74-89 6-10
Poll of Polls 212 63 13

Haryana Assembly Elections 2019 – Exit Polls

Name BJP Congress Others
Times Now 71 11 8
News18-IPSOS 75 10 5
ABP-C-Voter 70 8 12
NewsX-Polstrat 75-80 9-12 1-4
Poll of Polls 73 10 7

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