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Online food delivery service providers felt happy as the government eased some restrictions.

Eventually, public started ordering more food online.

But this happiness did not last long for both online food suppliers as well as their consumers too.

It all started when a delivery boy from Zomato’s business partner tested COVID-19 positive on April 15, 2020.

With this, many food delivering companies have decided to scale back door delivery and are urging customers to go for takeaways.

This incident in South Delhi created a panic among public and led the authorities to ask 72 families, who might have got in touch with the delivery boy, to remain in self-quarantine.

The incident is also likely to hit the overall online food ordering business, which has reported a 20 percent rise after regulations were eased.

This has also triggered many social media users to question the safety and security policies of Zomato pertaining to delivery.

Zomatos Business Partner

Responding to the incident, Zomato said the order was fulfilled by the restaurant through its own delivery fleet.

While, the restaurant Box8 said they have issued orders to their staff to self-quarantine and have also closed their business in South Delhi.

“We can’t attach any stigma to anyone falling sick, especially in the line of duty,” says Anurag Katria, National Restaurant Association of India.

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Posted by IndianEra, 17/04/2020