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With more than 1,000 cases in a day, the number of COVID-19 positive cases crossed the 20,000 mark to reach 21, 452 as of April 23, 2020.

The death toll was registered as 681.

Maharashtra continues to be the state with the highest number of positive cases at more than 5,600, followed by Gujarat (2,407), Delhi (2,248), Rajasthan (1,935), Madhya Pradesh (1,587), among others.

India’s COVID-19 Recovery Rate Up

With around 4,378 patients newly recovered as on April 23, 2020, India’s COVID-19 recovery rate improved by 19 percent from previous rate of 17 percent.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

The Health Ministry said ICMR is working on collection of data from states, along with assessment of the scope and extent of the rapid antibody testing across states.

“It [ICMR] shall keep advising the States on a regular basis. The States have also been advised to follow the prescribed protocol for this test and use it for the purpose for which it is meant. Globally also, the utility of this test is evolving, and it is currently being used for detecting the formation of antibodies in individuals. The test results are also dependent on field conditions,” the Health Ministry said in an official release.

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Support Health Workers: Center

The Center has also directed the state governments and respective secretaries to ensure the safety of health workers.

“Their skill and service amongst all professionals place them in a unique position to save people in present times. The States and the UTs have been advised to take up various measures, including human resource and capacity-building training, medical safety, timely payments, psychological support, training of front line workers and life insurance cover,” the Center told State Secretaries.

In this regard, the cabinet has also put forth an ordinance for the safety of medical personnel under the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897.

Center To Conduct Phone Survey

COVID-19 Phone Survey

In another initiative to know the status of the virus outbreak across the nation, the Center is planning to conduct a phone survey.

Under this survey, public will receive a call through the National Informatics Center (NIC) from the number 1921.

“This is a genuine survey. All citizens are requested to participate to help get proper feedback on the prevalence and distribution of COVID-19 symptoms. Also, please be aware of any other calls by pranksters or calls from any other number in the guise of such a similar survey,” the Center said in a statement.

The States/UTs have been directed to share this information to public through media.

They were also asked to display the related information across all Health and related departments websites.

COVID-19 Status At Global Level

COVID-19 Outbreak Globally

Whereas, the number of cases across the globe gas been registered as 2,636,989, with the death toll at 184,186.

Meanwhile, WHO has noted a ‘worrying upward trends’ globally across Africa, Central and South America.

Global Coronavirus Cases April 23rd 2020

It said, “the virus would be with us for a long time”.

US continues to be the worst affected among other nations. Among continents, North America has the highest number of positive cases compared to the total cases in entire Europe and Asia.

Meanwhile, human vaccination trials have been scheduled to begin in UK from today.

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