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Indians are always at the forefront of exploring or mastering new things in the world.

Especially when it comes to software skillset, Indians always have a special place in the world developer community.

In a new stride, three Indians won the Google Android Developer Challenge.

The challenge called on developers across the world to build apps using Machine Learning.

Google Android Developer Challenge

Three Indians excelled by developing three new apps, namely, AgroDoc, Leepi, and UnoDogs.

AgroDoc, developed by Kochi-based Navneet Krishna, helps diagnose plant diseases paving the way for necessary treatment methods.

Prince Patel from Bengaluru developed Leepi, which trains students on American Sign Language.

The third one, UnDogs by Delhi-based Chinmany Mishra, helps pet lovers ensure wellness through customized information and fitness programs.

Google launched the Android Developer Challenge last year to encourage developers to make ML-based apps.

“And after months of hard work, today the 10 winners of the Android Developer Challenge are launching their apps ready for you to try out,” says Jacob Lehrbaum, Director of Developer Relations, Android.

“As Android continues to push the boundaries into emerging areas like ML, 5G, foldables, and more, we need your help to bring to life the consumer experiences that will define these new frontiers,” says Google.

The three Indians are among seven other winners from other nations.

Indianera congratulates the three new intellects for standing up to the nation’s respect!

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Posted by IndianEra, 24/06/2020