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Another horrifying incident about Coronavirus in India is making rounds online!

The latest viral video on social media showed Karnataka health workers dumping dead bodies of COVID-19 patients into deep pits.

The leaked footage had bodies of eight COVID-19 victims, died a few days earlier, wrapped in black garbage bags.

This incident has reportedly happened in the Ballary district of the state.

Karnataka COVID-19

With the video being viral, officials came forward to express their apologies at the incident.

“We have issued a letter of unconditional apology to the families of the dead. We are very hurt by this, and we are very sorry. We condemn the way corpses have been treated. They should have been treated more humanely,” said a senior district official SS Nakula.

The officials further informed that these health workers were removed from their jobs after this incident.

Despite more than 246 COVID-19 deaths, Karnataka is considered as one of the successful states for effective tracing and containing the spread.

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Posted by IndianEra, 01/07/2020