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Despite several measures and serious attempts, the Covid-19 cases in India continue to rise.

To the latest, the number of coronavirus positive cases in the country touched 10,000 mark.  This made India the 22nd nation to have reached that mark till date, globally.

However, the country’s ‘total cases per million people’ (at 7) continues to be the lowest in the world, giving a ray of hope.

This is despite the country’s low rate of Covid-19 testing measured as 137 per million people.

Looking at the rate of other nations, US registered 1,700 cases per million people and Spain had more than 3,500 per million.

Nation-wide, there is also a low doubling rate recorded as six days as of current numbers.

However, the virus spread has deepened across the states.

Maharashtra reported a two-fold rise in number of positive cases in less than 5 days since April 08, 2020.

India COVID-19 Cases

India COVID-19 Cases Sources: covid19india

World’s Largest Postal Service Steps In!

Postal Service

India has the world’s postal service with a wider presence across the country.

Red postal vans, almost every Indian is familiar with, that travel thousands of kilometers daily are now stepping in to support medicine supply when the transport has come to a standstill.

The postal vans are now tasked with the job of delivering life-saving medicines.

As the reports say, the postal service is working with IDMA already in Gujarat and has also helped the public health workers in transporting kits and medical essentials to the needy.

“We were definitely looking for a solution, and the postal service has unhindered access the country,” says Ashok Kumar Madan, Executive Director of the Indian Drug Manufacturer’s Association (IDMA).

Doctors Under Attack


In a pathetic behavior surprising everyone, doctors treating coronavirus have come under attacks across the country.

Cities that reported attacks on doctors include Indore, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Delhi, among others.

“We are not scared of infections, we were mentally prepared for that as an occupational hazard. But getting beaten up, that wasn’t something we mentally prepared for. That’s not an occupational hazard we signed up for,” says Nirmalya Mohapatra, a senior doctor at a public hospital in New Delhi.

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Posted by IndianEra, 14/04/2020