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With the lockdown restrictions relaxed on one side, Coronavirus positive cases in India have increased further to touch 17,357.

Around 1,553 fresh cases have been reported in last 24 hours and over 4 lakh cases have been tested so far.

Maharashtra (552), Gujarat (367) and UP (179) registered their highest single-day count with newly-reported cases.

India Coronavirus Cases

India Coronavirus Cases

This has contributed to a sudden rise, by 10 percent, in the overall number of cases in the country.

The overall death toll has increased to 560.

Now, Gujarat is top-3 in the country for highest number of corona-positive cases after Maharashtra and Delhi.

In a media meet on April 19, 2020, the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said the doubling rate of COVID-19 cases has improved from 3 days before lockdown (in March 2020) to 6.2 days currently.

“Before the lockdown, the doubling rate was about 3 days, but according to data in the past seven days, it now stands at 6.2 days. Also, India has registered an average growth factor of 1.2 % since April 1, compared to 2.1 in the two weeks preceding that [March 15 to March 31) which is about a 40% decline in the growth factor,” said the Joint Health Secretary Luv Agarwal.

Maharashtra continues to the worst-affected state with 4,203 positive cases and 233 casualties, followed by Delhi (2,003), Tamil Nadu (1,477), Rajasthan (1,478), Madhya Pradesh (1,407), Gujarat (1,743), UP (1,084) and Telangana (844).


As per the government reports, a total of 2,546 people have recovered so far and there are 1,475 active cases in the country.

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh is reporting a gradual decline in number of positive cases, with only 5 cases reported on April 19, 2020.

Goa declared itself as the coronavirus-free state with after the seventh positive case tested negative and discharged after necessary treatment.

Global Coronavirus Cases

COVID-19 Outbreak Globally

Globally, the number of positive cases has increased to 24 lakh and 1.65 lakh have died of coronavirus, says a report from Johns Hopkins University.

The United States continues to report the highest number of positive cases, 7.5 lakh positive cases and more than 40,000 deaths, followed by Spain (1.9 lakh positive cases and 20,453 deaths), France (1.55 lakh and 19,718), Germany (1.45 lakh and 4,642) and UK (1.2 lakh and 16,000), among others.

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