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Continuing the spread, the coronavirus has attacked more than 12,000 people in India, taking the positive cases to beyond 12,456.

As of April 16, 2020, the total death casualties in the nation were reported as 423.

The government has marked 170 districts across the nation as COVID-19 hotspots.

India COVID-19 Hotspots

COVID-19 Hotspots India

Other Special COVID-19 updates in India Include

  • A special women’s brigade in Chhattisgarh called Mahila Commandos, known for their fight for alcohol ban, are working on spreading awareness about social distancing and hygiene to fight coronavirus
  • Government’s Arogya Setu app has emerged as the world’s fastest downloaded app, with 5 crore downloads in just 13 days
  • In a latest update, IMF commended India’s decision on continued lockdown in a move to contain the virus spread
  • Despite highest cases, Maharashtra allowed ecommerce and agricultural activity, with continued measures on social distancing
  • The Health Ministry and WHO-SEA initiated systematic engagement of WHO’s national polio surveillance network and other field staff, for India’s Covid-19 response, touching India’s best practices and resources used against polio
  • Migrant workers, who fled to villages due to lockdown, are now thinking about ‘come back’, while companies are reporting labor shortage

“Under no circumstances can the world, the region, or India, allow an epicenter to emerge in India. I think that the whole approach of a lockdown nationally and to really push on the health side has been very important,” says World Bank India Director Junaid Ahmad.

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India COVID-19 Cases

India COVID-19 Cases

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Posted by IndianEra, 16/04/2020