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The Government of India is using the digital trend as an effective means to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

In its fight against the COVID-19, the Modi Government has launched a mobile app called ‘Aarogya Setu’- the COVID-19 tracker.

The innovative app uses Bluetooth connection and features an easy interface that helps in contact tracing and containing the spread of the deadly virus.

Aarogya Setu tracks information and location through a social graph generated based on GPS settings.

“You will be alerted if someone you have come in close proximity of, even unknowingly, tests COVID-19 positive,” reads a note within the App.

The App notifications include instructions on ways to self-isolate and the measures to take in case of any symptoms to coronavirus.

Arogya Setu Tracker - Corona

It also includes information about COVID-19 Dos and Don’ts, Safety Measures against COVID-19, COVID-19 self-assessment and more features.

Days after the government launched this app, global technology giants said they were developing new software for smartphones that helps users to know if they got in touch with COVID-19 infected.

“India leads the way in contact tracing for COVID-19: privacy first by design, secure, robust and scalable to billion users. Glad to see Apple and Google joining hands to develop contact tracing on the lines of Arogya Setu,” NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant tweeted.

Even the World Bank commended the Indian Government’s innovation and said that digital innovations like this will help in combatting the virus.

“Digital technologies can also be used to monitor the spread of Covid-19. Such initiatives, largely voluntary, have been successful in helping combat the pandemic in East Asia. Incentives also can be provided to those who report symptoms. India recently launched an app, Aarogya Setu, that uses location data from persons’ smartphones to tell users if they have been near someone who tested positive for Covid-19,” the World Bank’s South Economic Focus report said in a statement.

PM Narendra has been urging the public about the usage of this app in his every address to the nation. He did so even in his latest COVID-19 related address on April 14, 2020.

Wait no more! Install the Aarogya Setu app and explore the features that help you #StaySafe and #StayAlert from Coronavirus.

Download ‘AarogyaSetu’ App

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