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Since the time the coronavirus outbreak began, we have been listening that the ‘older adults’ are more vulnerable and at high risk of getting infected.

But here comes a news in contrast!

In a latest update, a 93-year-old man has become the country’s oldest patient to have survived from the coronavirus infection.

About a month ago, the 93-old man with his 83-old wife got admitted after responding positive to COVID-19 infection.

Now, the couple have finally tested negative and are getting ready to get discharged soon.

Residents of Kerala

The couple, residents of Kerala, got infected from their daughter and son-in-law who returned from Italy.

The couple’s recovery, despite their age-related underlying medical conditions, emerged as top headlines across the country and has received huge applause from medical professionals.

Before the recovery, the man was under ventilator for 24 hours.

The couple were initially irritated at their admission and for keeping two separate ICUs.

Upon their request, the hospital staff found two rooms keeping them visible to each other via glass door, says the Dr RP Renjin, who was part of the team that treated this couple.

“They were happy once we put them there,” said RP Renjin, stating the staff had become emotionally closer to the old couple.

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Posted by IndianEra, 02/04/2020