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Lessons from the coronavirus outbreak has triggered the Indian Government to rethink of its preparedness in the healthcare infrastructure.

The government is likely to propose a four-year ‘Covid-19 emergency response and health systems preparedness project’.

The project envisages to boost the ability and preparedness of India’s healthcare systems at times of epidemic.

As per the reports, the project aims to mitigate and control the threat due to COVID-19.

The World Bank is supporting this proposed project with a USD 1 billion financial support to the Government of India.

The World Bank is extending its support through its fast-track facility and will work with the Indian Government on following the international best practices.

As the reports say, the project’s progress will be gauged on the proportion of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases with response time within 48 hours and the proportion of confirmed samples submitted for SARS-COV-2 within WHO stipulated time.

The government is reportedly taking a long-term approach in view of the possible wave of COVID-like pandemics in the coming years too.

Start-up Moves for Low-cost Ventilators

Low-cost Ventilators

Amid the growing COVID-19 cases, a young batch of engineers in Pune stepped up for making low-cost ventilators to alleviate the burden on hospitals in emergency.

The average age of these youngsters, who belong to a startup called Nocca Robotics, is 26.

As the sources report, the country has only 48,000 ventilators currently, that too majority being used in ICU rooms for existing patients with other diseases.

At present, the country has only two ventilator manufacturers, with majority needs met through imports.

The domestic price of a ventilator currently stands at Rs 1 lakh per ventilator.

One of the domestic manufacturers AgVa Healthcare is under plans to deliver 20,000 ventilators in a month’s time.

While the country has ordered 10,000 ventilators from China, that will only fulfill a fraction of the existing demand.

Now, the start-up proposed ventilators are proposing their product cost at Rs. 50,000/-, half of the existing product cost.

The youngsters made three prototypes of portable machines within five days of starting their work. They are currently testing them on artificial lungs and are planning to go for real-time tests after approval by  April 07, 2020.

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