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Saathiyo, Mitro, and more such pleasing words.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a unique style of calling the citizens in his every address to the nation.

We are going to hear that again today. And, it’s going to be more crucial and what PM says is most awaited!

But the PMO didn’t mention anything about the matter to be addressed.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 4 PM tomorrow,” India PMO said in a tweet yesterday at 10.19 PM.

Indian Government

Moreover, the tweet came hours after the government announced the ban of 59 mobile apps, the majority of them linked to China.

Prior to this tweet, the Home Minister also announced about Unlock 2.0 from July 1, 2020, with fresh guidelines seeking more relaxation outside containment zones.

The PM’s address gains significance in view of the above points, and is also coming at a crucial point when:

Narendra Modi

  • India’s COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly after Unlocking
  • States are taking a different approach to COVID-19 lockdown; few have already announced the extension
  • Anti-China rhetoric is growing; Chinese products and businesses are facing regulatory pressures and ban
  • The Indian industry is worried about customs delays and regulatory pressure on Chinese imports
  • India and China are seriously engaged in the border standoff and began war-like preparations across the disputed area
  • India’s allies have committed to expediting defense supplies

More such instances describe the current ‘hot’ situation in India, which the Indian citizens and even the whole world are closely watching!

At this juncture, what PM says today will decide the country’s future actions on all the above-mentioned factors.

Let’s wait and watch!

Watch Live PM Modi’s Address Today at 4 PM

PM Calling Citizens – Watch Live

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Posted by IndianEra, 30/06/2020