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Not just India, China’s moves are triggering alert at the global level, bringing together two major regions for a common dialogue.

The US is closely watching every Chinese move and taking measures to counter the Dragon nation in every possible way.

In the latest update, Pentagon unveiled a list of 20 Chinese companies for increased scrutiny, which also included many Chinese military companies operating in the US.

The US Secretary of the State Pompeo says the Chinese confrontation with India and other Southeast Asian nations is coming in response to the US re-allocation of its defense commitments in the EU.

Pompeo said the US is currently doing a strategic review of its army placements across the world, made because of the commitments to those particular times.

Mike Pompeo

Calling Beijing a serious threat, Pompeo said China is stealing the European know-how to build its economy.

Pompeo further informed that the US had accepted the EU’s proposal to form a US-EU dialogue on China, and he will visit Europe to hold the first session soon.

“There is a transatlantic awakening to the truth of what’s happening. This isn’t the United States confronting China, this is the world confronting China,” Pompeo reportedly said.

Meanwhile, the Indian-American community raged protests against China’s act across the LAC.

“There is a massive resentment against Chinese aggression among Indian-Americans. Our protest was against the Chinese incursions on Indian territory in Leh. We want to tell China that Indian-Americans will not keep quiet. Today, the entire world is with India,” Dr. Bharat Barai, an eminent Indian-American from Chicago, said in a statement.

In the same recent week, when Chinese and Indian forces engaged in border fights, Chinese submarines have reportedly cruised through Japanese waters.

As the reports say, Chinese fighter jets and at least a Chinese bomber have created tensions in Taiwan’s territorial airspace, almost every day.

The Chinese military has reportedly made many encroachments triggering alarms across Asia and the US, while the two regions were busy in COVID-19 response measures.

Now, the most awaited response is from the EU! Let’s wait and watch!

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Posted by IndianEra, 27/06/2020