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India is trying all possible ways to control the contagious Covid-19.

In one such significant effort, the country’s premier defense research entity DRDO has come up with a new setup to ensure a deeper level of sanitization.

DRDO’s Research Centre Imarat (RCI) developed a contactless UVC sanitization facility called Defence Research Ultraviolet Sanitizer (DRUVS).

DRUVS helps sanitize electronic devices like mobile phones, iPads, laptops and also paper-based currency notes, passbooks, challans, cheques, among others.

The Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated these device units in an exclusive video conference held recently.

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

Speaking to media on this facility, RCI scientist Gopinath said they have developed this system in just 15 days and have successfully tested them.

After test validation, they have also given two such units to the virology laboratory in Hyderabad.

The key feature of these units is their contactless and automatic mode of operation, which is crucial to containing the Covid-19 spread.

A UVC sanitation unit gives a complete picture of a device. It automatically switches into sleep mode after the successful test.

NOTESCLEAN is a UVC sanitizing system dedicated to scanning currency notes.

Notes Sanitisation

The process involves a sanitizing technique, where notes placed in the input slot will undergo a deep UV light scan in a row to come completely tested and disinfected.

According to Gopinath, these devices are available in three different variants.

The high-end model costs around Rs 55,000, and the experts are currently working on its affordability factor.

RCI Director Narayan Murthy is sure about containing the spread through these devices owing to its single protein layer.

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Posted by IndianEra, 11/05/2020