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India is growing by leaps and bounds in all areas and holds a special place in the technology adoption.

Internet, followed by digital push, has changed the country’s landscape all together bringing in a new wave of advancement.

Cisco, in its Annual Internet Report, came up with some interesting revelations about internet penetration in India.

Global Internet

According to the report:

  • India will have around 907 million internet users by 2023, making up 64% of the population
  • By percentage, the number of internet users will grow from 29% in 2018 to 64% by 2023
  • Devices and connections are growing at 7% CAGR compared to population growth at 1% CAGR
  • Devices and Connections per capita will be 1.1: 1.4 between 2018-23
  • Average internet speeds will also rise from 15.1 mbps to 40.9 mbps by 2023
  • We will see around 2.1 billion networked devices by 2023, with Machine To Machine (M2M) modules alone accounting to 25% of all such devices

There will be a significant demand for bandwidth and video in the connected home of the future, for individual application requirements:

  • 16 mbps for UHD Cameras
  • 16 mbps for UHD Streaming
  • 17 mbps for VR streaming
  • 20 mbps for self-driving diagnostics
  • 30 mbps for cloud gaming
  • 51 mbps for UHD IP Video
  • 100 mbps or 80k wall TV
  • 167 mbps for HD VR
  • 500 mbps for UHD VR

Now, technology devices with fast data connection have become part and parcel of almost every individual. Internet and device penetration is also growing at a rapid pace across the rural landscape.

Moreover, government’s push in the name of ‘Digital India’ is offering due boost, paving way for the next-gen transformation.

What more in the offing? Get ready to witness the next wave of transformation!

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Posted by IndianEra, 24/02/2020